Spearfishing & Free Diving

DUC Garrick and Crayfish Competition 2016

Biggest Garrick

1)   Donovan Caarstens 9.1 Kg

2)   Garret Staats              7.9 Kg

3)   Jason Heyne               7.4 Kg

Biggest Crayfish

Paul Roxburgh       1.239Kg

Phillip Dreyer         1.223Kg

Markus Potgieter  1.013Kg

Biggest Bag Garrick

Jason Heyne 15.62Kg

Garett Staats 14.8Kg

Donovan Caarstens 13.9

Biggest Bag of Crayfish

Garret Staats         5.56Kg

Phillip Dreyer       4.96Kg

Rowen Coleman   4.84Kg

Leo Robinson         4.74Kg

Most everybody got prizes thanks to our sponsors Rob Allen and Freedivers as well as Lizzard Clothing who sponsored the 5 colour T Shirts I have some over R150 all sizes they are awesome enquire at the bar or office at DUC.

A big Thank You to Les Ward and Colin Glazer who helped me set up the prize giving venue and Les for being weigh master.

The weather was great for the diving but the prize giving was lightening and thunder and frequent rain squalls.

That concludes all our competition for 2016 and we hope to see you Cape Vidal in July 2017 for the Wahoo@duc big one and also a lot of fun.

Last year was a blast with 75 entries.